Name C.H Weng  
Grade Former Members
Group B group : Biomarker screening and diagnosis
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  • 碩士: 國立成功大學工程科學研究所
  • M.S. : Institute of Engineering Science,NCKU 民國93年九月至95年七月
  • Sep. 2004 – July 2006
  • 大學: 國立台灣大學土木工程科學系
  • B.S. : Department of Civil Engineering, NTU 民國88年九月至93年六月
  • Sep. 1999 – Jun 2004
  • none
Specialities and Research Interests
  • 期刊論文 :
  • Accepted papers:
  • 1. Chen-Hsun Weng, Wei-Ming Yeh, Kuo-Chuan Ho and Gwo-Bin Lee, “A Microfluidic System Utilizing Molecular Imprinting Polymer Films for Amperometric Detection of Morphine,” in press, Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 2006. (SCI; Impact factor=2.646)
  • 2. Wei-Yin Liao, Chen-Hsun Weng, Gwo-Bin Lee and Tse-Chuan Chou,” An All- Solid-State Potentiometric Sensor Array Microfluidic Device for the Analysis of Multiple Ions,” in press, Lab on a chip, 2006. (SCI; Impact factor=5.3)
  • Revised papers:
  • 3. Wei-Ming Yeh, Kuo-Chuan Ho, Chen-Hsun Weng, Gwo-Bin Lee,” Microfluidic System Integrated with a Molecularly Imprinted Polymer-Modified Electrode and Pre-Separator for Detection of Morphine,” in revision, Biosensors & Bioelectronics special issue, 2006. (SCI; Impact factor=3.463)
  • 國際會議論文:
  • Accepted conference papers :
  • 1. Wei-Yin Liao, Chen-Husn Weng, Gwo-Bin Lee, and Tse-Chuan Chou " All-Solid-State Potentiometric Sensors Array for Multiple Ions Analysis in Microfluidic Devices" accepted for publishing, 2006 The 2nd International Meeting on Microsensors and Microsystems (IMu2).
  • 2. Wei-Ming Yeh, Chen-Hsun Weng, Gwo-Bin Lee, and Kuo-Chuan Ho,"Integrating a Molecularly Imprinted Polymer-Modified Electrode and a Pre-Separator in a Microfluidic System for Detection of Morphine" accepted for publishing, 2006 IMu2.
  • 3. Chen-Hsun Weng, Wei-Yin Liao, Tse-Chuan Chou and Gwo-Bin Lee,” Multiple Electrochemical Sensing Systems Using Microfludic Technology,” accepted for publishing, 2006 The Asia-Pacific Conference of Transducers and Micro-Nano Technology (APCOT).
  • 4. Chen-Hsun Weng, Cheng-Tar Wu, Kuo-Chuan Ho and Gwo-Bin Lee, “ Integrating a Molecularly Imprinted TiO2 Modified Microelectrode in a Microfluidic System for Detection of Nicotine” accepted for publishing the 10th International Conference on Miniaturized Systems for Chemistry and Life Sciences 2006.
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