Micro-actuators and optical applications

....Micro-Electro-Mechanical-System (MEMS) is a rapidly developing technology with promising applications to optical switching fabrics, optical sensors, displays, micro-actuators etc. The purpose of the study is to utilize MEMS technology to fabricate miniature optical components and systems for optical MEMS applications. Major tasks include (1) The shape and thermal effects of metal films on stress-induced bending of micromachined bilayer cantilever (2) A high performance electrostatically-actuated multi-switch optical crossconnect (OXC) with stress-induced bending micromirrors and (3) Projection Display Technique Utilizing Three-Color-Mixing Waveguides and Micro Scanning Devices etc.

....We have investigated the behavior of several micro actuators, including Reflection optical grating, Optical switch, corner mirror, 2D optical scanner and Fresnel lens. The outcomes will assure us to integrate these actuators on the design of micro mirrors. We also design several mirrors for testing, including reflection mirrors and grating mirrors. We have built up capability to fabricate micro acutators and micro mirrors. The free-space OXC is one of the key components for all-optical networking (AON). This is a rapidly evolving mainstream component that enables the switching and routing in dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) networks and AON. A novel type of micromachined bimorph is developed to enable optical switching action in free-space with the advantages of accurate angular alignment, high switching speed, long-term reliability and small switch size. At last, an integrated-optical three-color-mixing projection display system is demonstrated. The three-color-mixer fabricated by using a low-cost process has been successfully used for color image generation. The development of the proposed project display technology could be promising for integrated optics.