Name C. S. Liao  
Grade Former Members0年級
Group 己組、基因體國家型計畫
    B.S.(2003) Engineering Science Department, NCKU M.S.(2005) Institute of MEMS Engineering, NCKU
    Class representative of Engineering Science department, NCKU. Director of public relations section of Chinese Institute of Engineers?? NCKU student chapter. Leader of academic section of student association of department of Engineering Science, NCKU. Planner of commencement in Engineering Science department, NCKU. Planner of Engineering Science history exhibition.
Specialities and Research Interests
    Bio-MEMS Polymerase Chain Reaction on Microsystem
    Honorable mention of “Chinese Institute of Engineers National Thesis Competition” Champion of “NCKU Creative Monographic Study Competition” Champion of “Student hands-on projects and competition on Precision and Mechatronics”
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Research Subject Automatic Nucleic Acid Amplification Microsystems for Rapid Pathogen Diagnosis of Infectious Disease