The purpose of the Technical Committee on Nanosensors and Nanoactuators, TC-7 is to bring together scientific contributions and activities in the field of nanosensors and nanoactuators for their scientific and engineering applications. The investigation of nanosensors and nanoactuator is of significant importance in nanoscience, nanobiotechnology, and nanoengineering and there is a strong need for dedicated tools for, molecule manipulation, nanorobotics/nanoassembly, molecular sensors/actuators and functional DNA/protein platforms. Moreover, the fields of micro-scale surgery and diagnosis also require powerful and innovative nanosensors and nanoactuators, which must be designed and fabricated with an interdisciplinary knowledge including physics, chemistry, material, bio-engineering, MEMS and nanotechnology. The proposed TC wants to promote the above described sector and focus on scientific and engineering issues related to nanosensing devices/systems, nanoactuators, integration, reliability, manufacturing, modeling, and related topics.